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1. About our Business/Yamazaki Electric Industry Co,Ltd. We provide the service of system total coordination.

Yamazaki Electric Industry is the trading company with System development division.

Business Field According to the trend of technological advancement , from the introduction of control system equipment in Shizuoka , we try our very best to introduce new products and systems in order to meet the needs of the new era.

An industrial city: Hamamatsu, as a base office, we provide service from supplying materials to FA system design and production according to customers' needs.

The Reality of the Planning stage To the stage of Completion

Customer's Plan→Proposal→Receive an order→Fixation of specification→Design→Assembly→Adjustment→Shipment→Delivery

Development Section

Creative Center

System Sales Division/ Hydraulic System Section System development section is responsible for the design and production of control panel, FA control system etc as well as the software development. By using the most technologically advanced personal planes, inspecting machine/tester and robots etc., we try our very best to provide the best solution for control system.

System Sales Division/ Hydraulic System Section

油圧ユニットHydraulic System section is responsible for selecting hydraulic machinery for specific customers. By using CAD's unit with Assy's design, we cooperate with all the relevant companies from the procedures of production to the completion of selling. In order to satisfy all the needs of our customers, besides hydraulic machinery, we do cooperate with other relevant electric divisions as well.

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2. An outline of the company / Encourage elite System in order to meet flexibly

60 Years with the District   We send new wind.

Head OfficeWe are responsible for supporting customers' new products, materials and technology. We have solid experience and reputation by providing high quality items for customers by cooperating with leading companies.

It is our pleasure that a new trend was sent to the spot , and it becomes pleasant sensation and new excitement for the customers.

An outline

Organization Chart


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3. Introduction of the spot / Hamamatsu city as a base, a steady association at local.

The manufacturing spot is supported by 5 spots located in Shizuoka and Higashimikawa area.

Business deveropment chart

HeadquartersThe map is displayed.(Yahoo! map information)

Headquarters organization chartHeadquarters Building13-2 Ryutsumotomachi,Higashi-ku,Hamamatsu-shi,Shizuoka-ken
System Sales Section
Machinery Division TEL/+81-53-421-3568
General Affairs division TEL/+81-53-421-3582

Toyohashi Branch OfficeThe map is displayed.(Yahoo! map information)

Toyohashi Branch Office building4-22-5 Higashiwaki, Toyohashi-shi, Aichi-ken

Fukuroi Branch OfficeThe map is displayed.(Yahoo! map information)

Fukuroi Branch Office building20-10 Takao-cho, Fukuroi-shi, Shizuoka-ken

Shizuoka Branch OfficeThe map is displayed.(Yahoo! map information)

Shizuoka Branch Office building3-22 3-chome Toyota, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka-ken

Creative CenterThe map is displayed.(Yahoo! map information)

Creative Center organization chart
Creative Center building991 Sekishi-cho, Higashi-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka-ken

Overseas Office

Room 1807,Xiandai Jiaotong Shangwu Bldg.
218 Hengfeng Road,Zhabei District,Shanghai,200070,CHINA


15 shaw Road # 06-01/02
Teo Industrial Building Singapore(367953)

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